CSV Files


Follow the steps below in order to import a contacts file to massSMS Pro:

  1. 1)Prepare your contacts file with any spreadsheet software with the following column format:

Import a contacts CSV file

Export a contacts CSV file

massSMS automatically generates an Email with your contacts as a CSV attachment that you can send to your computer for further processing.

To export the massSMS contacts, simply tap on the Contacts tab from within the app, tap on ‘+’ and choose ‘Export to CSV:

The first row should contain the field names. You can use any field name as you want, as long as the first column still contains the last name, the second column the first name, and so on. Otherwise the results are unpredictable.

Enter one or more telephone numbers in the mobiles column, separated by spaces.

The groups field contains index numbers that refer to the group number in your app, as shown below:

Enter 0 for the first group
Enter 1 for the second
Enter 2
Enter 3
Enter 4
Enter 5

Remember that you can assign a contact to several groups at a time just by separating the index numbers by spaces.

if you don’t want to assign the contact to any group, then enter 0.

  1. 2)Save or export the file as CSV from within your spreadsheet software.

  2. 3)Send the file as an attachment to your iOS device via Email.

  3. 4)Open Mail in your iOS device.

  4. 5)Tap and hold on the attachment icon and select ‘Open in massSMS’,
    as shown:

  1. 6)Done!

Open in massSMS
Export to CSV file

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          TIP: Your .csv file won´t import to massSMS?

Click here to download a test file so you can have your own file match the correct format.